History of the Trust

Founded in 1969, Dublin Insurance Services has been providing health and retirement solutions to our clients for over 50 years. Our team of experienced professionals have years of experience in designing employee benefits and retirement plans to meet the needs of our clients.

Our clients range in size from 1 to 3,500 employees and across many industries. In particular, our industry focus includes non-profits, hospital and government groups. Our health and retirement solutions include group medical and ancillary including dental, health, vision, life, disability, voluntary benefits, 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, SERPS, SEP, SIMPLE, Solo(k), and 409A deferred compensation.

The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust was started some 50 years ago as a result of a request from SEIU’s Local 250 Hospital Institutional Workers to develop a group dental plan for their convalescent hospitals because the employers and the union were unable to get competitive quotes from dental carriers due to the size of the group and the industry involved.

We approached Delta Dental and convinced them to give us a group rate based on the assumption that we would establish a Taft Hartley Trust and give them at least 1,000 participants in the first year. Our first group involved a convalescent hospital in Fairfield that had five employees. In our first year, we exceeded our goal and ended the year with 15 employers and 1,800 participants. From that humble beginning, we now have over 250 employer groups and close to 25,000 participants. The employer groups include more than 100 convalescent and rehab hospitals, 50 municipalities and public agencies, numerous non-profit health care organizations, and employees from eight counties. The participating unions are primarily SEIU Local 2015, SEIU UHW-West, and SEIU Local 1021.

As indicated, the Trust comes under the Taft Hartley enabling law. Employer groups are eligible for benefits offered through the Trust, pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Health Care Trust Participation Agreement or other type of written arrangement between various employer/employee associations and the trustees.

The administrators negotiate benefits and renewals with the insurance carriers and provide information and alternatives to both the business agents and employers for their renewal and negotiated benefits contracts. The Trust currently has an administrative staff of 20 (English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese speaking Account Benefit Specialists) who provide billing, eligibility, renewal and open enrollment services to the employers and their employees. There is, as required, a Summary Plan Description and the Trust satisfies all notice requirements to participants to ensure compliance.

From the Trust’s austere dental beginning, it now provides competitive benefits for medical, dental, group life, and vision services.

Dublin Insurance Services is a member of NFP Benefits Partners. A division of National Financial Partners Corp., NFP Benefits Partners is a national corporate benefits company with more than 165 offices across the country—bringing together leading-edge thinking, preferred carrier relationships, best-of-breed products, advanced benchmarking and analysis tools, and comprehensive decision and implementation support services that keep companies ahead of the curve.

NFP Benefits Partners is comprised of more than 2000 benefits professionals, representing over 50,000 corporate clients of all sizes throughout every industry. As part of this dynamic network, we have the experience and expertise to make a greater difference in your business. Our relationship with NFP Benefits Partners enables us to provide you with access to greater solutions, greater insight and greater support — so you can be faster, control costs, work smarter, offer more and make the benefits decisions that best fit the unique needs of your continually evolving workforce.

Unlike many large national consulting firms, our relationship with NFP Benefits Partners allows us to remain independent and flexible, while providing us with the advantages of a large national network. As an independent local benefit’s firm we are able to provide you with personalized attention, high levels of customer service, understanding of local market trends and regional carriers and vendors, and dedicated staff that understands your business and your employees. We seek to build a true partnership with you by earning your trust and developing a relationship with you – something the large consulting firms can’t do. In addition to providing the benefits of a local firm, we are able to leverage the advantages of size and scale that NFP Benefits Partners provides.

With Dublin Insurance Services and NFP Benefits Partners, you get the best of both worlds: the personal attention from a local company who takes the time to understand your unique needs and goals, combined with the strength and resources of a large corporation to help you meet those goals.